The Example of Jesus For Us in Life: A Practical and Spiritual Sense of What it Means to Be Like Jesus

Jesus gave us the greatest example of living that we can ever have. Let us approach Jesus like a child and not be afraid, not think it is too high for us or too low to do so, but observe.

In His life and actions Jesus never dissociated from anything. He was present and perceived well, he could see the good in people and the evil and sought to heal the troubled hearts of all. Us humans do dissociate from things a lot. It is natural, and it leads to many problems in our life. We see in the gospels no matter how intense the conflict Jesus encountered He stayed present and understood what was happening. He could see the difference between His love and the motive of others very clearly, so he was not swayed from His purpose. When Pilot screams at Him during His trial, ‘Do you not know that I have the power to kill you’. Jesus replies, “You have no power over me, the Son of Man has power to take up his life and lay it down”. What this means is that Jesus is self contained in his power from the Father. In the internal sense it specifically means that from within Himself, unlike anyone else that ever lived, He had the power to give Himself trials and suffering for the sake of removing evils. With humans the Lord does this; from His infinite intelligence, for the good of people, the Lord puts us through learning, trials, and temptations for the sake of removing evils for our salvation. Because Jesus is the divine He orchestrated trials and suffering for himself. This doesn’t mean it was any less intense, it was immensely intense how evil attacked him. The intensity of it was beyond our ability to even understand, but we can begin to see it by the principle that evil attacks ones deepest ruling love, and Jesus’ ruling love was, and is an infinite love for the salvation of all humanity; thus, all the forces of hell attacked and tried to destroy this love. Jesus suffered immensely as to his human self, but as to His soul He did not suffer but was self contained.

When Jesus is advising the disciples, preparing to send them out to preach and heal on their own He tells them, “If you enter a house and they receive you, bless the house; if they reject you, dust off your feet and keep your peace.” This is a great spiritual skill to be able to keep our internal peace in the face of rejection. Evil always wants to make us feel unworthy; it tempts us to feel we are worthless, have no rights, and cannot stand up to it. But Jesus tells us we are a child of His, that we can receive all good from him if we of our own will choose to reject evil. Our identity with Him can make us strong in the inside. In this identity we know we are loved and guided and that all good comes from Him. We are not meant to grovel below any man or woman; or rise above any man or woman. In God we walk the narrow path focused on serving a purpose in which we are useful and capable. We can be content in the identity He gave us with Him.

Jesus also shied away from no intimacy, no matter how intense it might be. When Mary, the sister of Martha, rushed in and kissed his feat, washed His feet with her hair, and anointed His hair with Oil – He was fully present to her passion. She, who had been a sinner, was on fire with love and awareness of His divine nature. She seized the moment to do what had to be done. Previously, she had received the healing of her life from Him; she was humbled and experienced the transformation of her heart. She anointed Him because she saw (unlike the disciples) that He is the divine One, and that He must fulfill His mission and enter Jerusalem and be killed as He had been teaching. She accepts this because she trusts His promise that it is for the good. This is why He commemorates her after she anoints him. He completely sees and meets her actions with tender love. The others around want to accuse her, but He protects her and does not let them.

For us people one of the greatest pitfalls of spirituality is spiritual pride, but if one love Jesus, which truly means to acknowledge inwardly that all good comes from Him, then there is a built way to protect against this sin. In truth all good does come from him, and in acknowledging this we don’t take self pride in good that takes place but take satisfaction in being of service to Him.

The reason Jesus can be completely present to everything is that in Him there is perfect union, which brings perfect presence in the moment. In Jesus this union is between His divine soul and His human person, but we can begin to understand this by the heavenly union in the human soul. Essentially this is between our inner innocence and intelligence. When these two are in union intelligence becomes wisdom, and innocence becomes internal innocence. The innocence of childhood is an external innocence but can become internal innocence as we learn to feel from it and integrate it with intelligence and serving in life. Christians often say we need to be like Jesus – this is the practical and down to hearth way to be like Jesus! Innocence is the primary quality of angels. By correspondences the highest angels in heaven from afar look like babies, but up close are immensely beautiful and powerful men and woman. One only gains power in heaven to the degree they will the good of others more than themselves. The soul of all good, joy, and happiness comes from innocence because innocence yearns to serve and help others in useful ways. Contained in the love of innocence is all the knowledge and wisdom to manifest its end purpose. When we act on this desire, when we exercise the gifts and skills that arise from it there is a boding in our soul. This bond is felt as a deep satisfaction. It can be from something simple like riding a bike, writing something meaningful, or something bigger like breaking through a barrier or fear in our mind; it can be realizing a true love with another, or developing a love for country that is willing to sacrifice our self for the good of all.

To the degree we develop this inner bond between innocence and wisdom we find ourself better able to perceive, and are less threatened by others and circumstances in the world. It doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain and grief, in fact we feel more in a way, but can understand its place and cause, and therefore have greater inner balance. The more we develop this skill in our soul, the more profound our love for Jesus grows for we see that there is no ratio between what we have done and the way He has paved for us.

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