The First Human: Principles that Bring Light to Understanding the Creation of ‘The First Man’

      The Lord created and led the first man and the human race. Adam is known as the first man, but it is essential for our understanding to see that he is not a single man but represents the first community of man that God fostered, created and led.

      A human being is the highest form in the universe because we are made in the image of God and we have consciousness, and people are a soul that can be saved and lives for eternity. The end purpose of creation is that Man have life and salvation so everything that exist has a use in serving this purpose. The birth, growth and salvation of Man is the heart of God, His greatest love. The creation of the universe and all the long and meticulous processes that took place in the creation of the universe have a purpose, and the end of that purpose is to regenerate human beings in order to populate the Lord’s kingdom with angels. All angels are former human beings; all people are made to become angels from creation. I say this so one can see that everything of Man is created from the beginning by God and made for eternity.

      The human form is a universal form in the universe and in heaven because God is the original human form. All things in existence have within them the inclination to serve, and create, and perpetuate the human form. Along the same lines all processes of manifestation operate by the processes that take place in the human form. This inclination is due to what is called conatus. conatus is a sphere that proceeds from the will of God. It is the spiritual intelligence that operates within every entity that guides their end purpose and use. Everything that exists, like an atom, a tree, a rock, a chair, a building – exists because it has a cause, effect and end purpose, and conatus is the spiritual presence that interacts with the natural to guide the natural into its formation. For instance, science has shown that there is a creative force in the universe that doesn’t interact with heat, or light or gamma rays, but it does interact with gravity. Science can proves its existence and effect but cannot see what it is and so call this creative force – dark matter. The effects science observes and calls dark matter – is conatus. 

        After the big bang the universe was a blaze of heat, gamma rays and particles banging into each other at immense speeds. In this atmosphere gravity could not cause anything to clump together, but conatus is unaffected by heat, and energy and caused the first clumping of matter. Once clumping began mass began and anything that has mass has gravity, and so it kept building from there. Gravity began to gradually make forms of dense gas clouds and thus eventually planets and suns. And these formed galaxies and strands throughout the universe that form the cosmic web. Science calls ‘dark matter’ the ‘scaffolding’ of the cosmic web. But really, conatus is the inner intelligence from God in matter and space that causes forms in the universe to take shape and all of these forms are in service to and in the image of the human form.

      I tell this brief story to give an idea of what conatus is and how it works Creation. In the spiritual world creation is instantaneous because everything there is based on state of being, affection and love, and God creates whatever corresponds to the love of angels (or demons in hell) that are present. But in the natural world everything manifests gradually and by organic processes by means of conatus. Now, in regards to Man, the creation of the first man was by the organic process we know from life – by gradual evolution from generation to generation. God created organisms, plants, animals, apes and eventually man. All this is from the will and providence of God and conatus is the means of manifestation. Adam and Eve represent this first community of Man from this evolution. 

       The best way to understand the operation of  conatus is how it works in a person. As mentioned before for anything to have form it must have within it three levels, cause, effect and end purpose, which are the universal discreet degrees in all things. In the human form the will is the conatus, the inner parts are the effect, and the end is the whole human and its use in action. The soul is the whole and complete human form in every detail, except it is spiritual; also, the soul is the first cause of all the many parts in the natural body and the uses they perform.  The function of the mind is part spiritual and part natural. There is a sphere around every human, (and every other entity living or non living). The sphere springs forth and reflects the quality of the union being exercised in the body, mind, and soul of the person. 

       It is important to note that the community of Adam and Eve had direct connection with angels and God in an intuitive way. The people were in a joyous state of internal love and connection to heaven. This is described by the paradise they lived in before the fall.

     God creates the soul and guides the whole birth process in the natural so they body and mind and soul are one. Swedenborg writes: “It was confirmed that the first man (and all born) have not been led by any other than the Lord alone. For the Lord is all in all; there is no conatus in anything that exist of its own, but conatus arises from the Lord in both worlds; Man’s form from conception is led and guided by the will and wisdom of God. And He alone sustains the human race by means of angels and spirits. For the human race was of Him from the beginning, wherefore He has all care for them” SE 2591. 

Now, here is an incredible quote where Swedenborg actually describes the creation of a human by God as best he can. Below is from Divine love and Wisdom by Swedenborg.



What man’s beginning or primitive form is in the womb after conception no one can know, because it cannot be seen; moreover, it is made up of spiritual substance, which is not visible by natural light. Now because there are some in the world who are eager to investigate even the primitive form of man, which is seed from the father, from which conception is effected, and because many of these have fallen into the error of thinking that man is in his fullness from his first, which is the rudiment, and is afterwards perfected by growth, it has been disclosed to me what that rudiment or first is in its form. It has been disclosed to me by angels, to whom it was revealed by the Lord; and because they had made it a part of their wisdom, and it is the joy of their wisdom to communicate to others what they know, permission having been granted, they presented before my eyes in the light of heaven a type of man’s initial form, which was as follows: There appeared as it were a tiny image of a brain with a delicate delineation of something like a face in front, with no appendage. This primitive form in the upper convex part was a structure of contiguous globules or spherules, and each spherule was a joining together of those more minute, and each of these in like manner of those most minute. It was thus of three degrees. In front, in the flat part, a kind of delineation appeared for a face. The convex part was covered round about with a very delicate skin or membrane which was transparent. The convex part, which was a type of the brain in least forms, was also divided into two beds, as it were, just as the brain in its larger form is divided into hemispheres. It was told me that the right bed was the receptacle of love, and the left the receptacle of wisdom; and that by wonderful interweavings these were like consorts and partners. It was further shown in the light of heaven, which fell brightly on it, that the structure of this little brain within, as to position and movement, was in the order and form of heaven, and that its outer structure was in direct opposition to that order and form. After these things were seen and pointed out, the angels said that the two interior degrees, which were in the order and form of heaven, were the receptacles of love and wisdom from the Lord; and that the exterior degree, which was in direct opposition to the order and form of heaven, was the receptacle of hellish love and insanity; for the reason that man, by hereditary corruption, is born into evils of every kind, and these evils reside there in the outermosts; and that this corruption is not removed unless the higher degrees are opened, which, as was said, are the receptacles of love and wisdom from the Lord. And as love and wisdom are very man, for love and wisdom in their essence are the Lord, and this primitive form of man is a receptacle, it follows that in that primitive form there is a continual effort towards the human form, which also it gradually assumes (Divine Love and Wisdom 432).

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