The Internal Meaning of ‘Speaking In Tongues’ as spoke of in the Bible.

    This subject is somewhat controversial, but its good to address all things in seeking the truth in their time and place. I support the providential use of all denominations. Nevertheless, In this blog, as most of you know by now, I seek the internal sense of scriptures, so I am going to freely seek on the matter.
  The idea of speaking in tongues originated from the story of the pentecost, where the Holy spirit breathed on the people, which means heaven was present to them in an extraordinary way. In this exceptional circumstance all the people could understand each other no matter the language they spoke. The ‘Holy spirit breathing on them’ means heaven was opened to them for a moment, and it is the truth of heaven that everyone there can understand each other because their language is expressed and heard from the inner affections of that person, so everyone can speak and understand each other no matter where from. This was an extraordinary situation propelling the New church where many people were converted and received the Holy spirit and deep faith. It was also when the disciples found deep confirmation in what Jesus had taught them and became dedicated christians. But this time is interpreted and applied in a false way to church now. In reality at the pentecost people speaking other languages was from the presence of heaven on earth during a special time, but to try to emulate this now is an external measure. People take it literally; they want to have the miraculous change, when in reality we must do the inner work of changing by gradually bonding with Jesus in life. Those times are are different circumstances, and it is nonsensical hype to try and reproduce it now. What people don’t realize is that at that time is was a time of dis-equilibrium. Disequilibrium is when evil has overrun good in the balance of the world and this is the very reason Jesus had to be born on earth – to correct the imbalance, and thus redeem mankind. Because of the imbalance terrible possessions by evil and the end of the church was at hand, so to compensate for this sensational miracles were allowed to counter the overabundance of evil that accumulated before Jesus birth and that Jesus had to correct, and to establish the New Christian church. (I have shown this in detail in another post). But nowadays sensational measures are not needed. Equilibrium is restored and miraculous measures do not occur in that way. Jesus restored all things, and good and evil are in balance by the power of God. Now we grow in the Lord by being regenerated from evil, by the transformation of our soul by receiving an internal relationship with God in our body and soul, and by receiving His Word.
    Speaking in Tongues may serve people who follow that tradition, but it can be faked. It is very much like a psychic reading. It is something people claim to do within themself, and we cannot see so inside so it is ripe for abuse. Not that it always is, but it is sometimes. People are also hyped into it by the communal belief and pressure to believe. The problems is it was not instituted by the Lord, but it was started by the tradition of man, and, as I showed above, it is misinterpreted in its meaning from the beginning. Man’s regeneration is about increasing his inner connection and body to soul communication, not by sensational and supernatural means, but the work of growth in knowing God that creates the lasting bond with Him. Jesus admonished those looking for ‘signs and wonders’, which means to look for these kind of external sensational means of knowing God. Knowing God comes from approaching him in humility and doing the work of internal transformation. We have to work out our problems and remove inclinations to evil by the gradual process of bonding with Him.
In 1 Corinthians 14: 5 Paul says “I would like every one of you to speak in tongues. They utter mysteries by the spirit”.
   I think the meaning Paul’s words express refers to the ability to look to the holy spirit and to the Word, and in doing so receive perception from within. The Holy spirit is the presence of Jesus, and Jesus is lives in the Word and when we submit to the authority of these the affairs of our life and ability to speak truthfully is magnified. It also gives us the ability to detect what is false within our selves, and false teachings being presented by those who claim to be born again in a ‘single moment’, that is a sensational way. The Holy Spirit does not speak to us directly, or as a voice speaking through us, as is often the case with New Age movements, and the Spiritist’s. The presence of Jesus is an inner teacher, He reciprocally bonds with us in our heart and soul, it teaches us and gives us an ability to speak with spiritual intelligence from our self. When man has a love for the Word, the Lord is able to enlighten those truths within man and thereby give to him the ability to come into an internal understanding, open to an intimate relationship with the Divine Human. This is to speak with new tongues; to receive new life from the internal sense that Jesus teaches and to communicate it to others. Hand in hand with this is the ability to reject evil inclinations in us, and reject the love of self; and there is NO desire in it to glorify our self but to magnify the joy and genius of His teachings. Man is made whole not from externals but from internals, by the gradual work of repentance, reformation and regeneration.
        Swedenborg writes: “Miracles are not wrought at this day as formerly, for they have a compelling influence and destroy freedom of choice in spiritual things, and cause a man from being spiritual to become natural. Since the Lord’s advent, everyone has the capacity to become spiritual, and the source that makes this spiritual is solely from the Lord through the Word”.

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