Thomas Gontarz wrote: “A human being is a receptacle of life from the Lord. Being a receptacle explains why holes symbolize a lack of containment of charity and faith; In Genesis 40 the Baker dreamed about three baskets with holes and the birds ate the bread out of the baskets, holes prevent a container from containing the contents just as sensory delight prevent a person from containing the holy Spirit, and anger and reactive hate do the same thing; they can be a Spiritual black hole in a soul preventing the containment and reception of love. We need to patch the hole to contain the spirit, and allow the boat (doctrine)⛵ to float above the deep”.

This is wonderful correspondence. Psychologically, I and many others have referred to holes in our soul, and this insight gives great perspective. The challenge is to make the hole ‘whole’ again, to restore the integrity of the spiritual body that has been deeply wounded. To heal we move past the fear, and explore spiritually all the way down the hole to the bottom; this is a highly valuable exercise. To peer with our inner sight into the dark, we see old assumptions and the cause of painful wounds, and the light of our core presence dissolves fear, it empowers us in face the pain and the issues. In exercising the courage to do this, Jesus is with us at every step, and at the bottom we can fully receive the compassion of His presence, and have a full feeling of how Jesus is with us, and confidence He be with us again through the next challenge, and we are renewed even to the end.

Evil from negative people try to annihilate our identity with hate; they love to pass their pain into us which makes the hole in our soul; it creates confusion, despair, and loss of perception. This is why holes are dark and scary. Now this is Key – Our job is to use the energy of our feelings of hate to annihilate the presence of their hate and lies in us! To come to see this is a great leap in our growth and perception! We don’t return their hate, but destroy their hate in us and the game is up. This transmutes our feelings of hate into love of fighting for our soul, and for God! And we are free. We see that the negative people, and the forces of evil, want to tell us that to do this for ourself is ‘not right’, or ‘not compassionate’ – but only because they want to keep us in the dark, trapped in lies!

Tom’s insight is a great example of the power of integrating psychology with religion.

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