The Meaning of ‘I Will Create Rivers in the Desert’: Description of the Internal Mechanism By Which Jesus Restored All Mankind.

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway in the wilderness. I will create rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19
Before Jesus was born, (and the reason He was born on earth), was that there was a devastating darkness that had overtaken earth and humanity. There was a disequilibrium between heaven and hell where the forces of hell were beginning to over run the world of spirits and the lower parts of heaven. For many years evil spirits had been posing as good leaders in the world of spirits similar to the way the Jewish religious leaders had been using religion to control the people on earth. The leaders in the spiritual world were intercepting those who died who were good or bad and bringing them into their societies that they said were heaven, but it was a false heaven. The great number of people captured in these societies are known as ‘the captives’ in the Bible. These false heavens were causing a dark cloud between earth and heaven and an overabundance of evil. This dark cloud was choking-off the influx from heaven and corrupting the correspondential connections that are necessary for man to be sustained. The Jewish church had long since become completely external, yet the Lord used it as the means of correspondence between earth and heaven as long as he could by making it the ‘holy external’. But this was not sustainable, it was a mere shadow of light and charity – so Jesus had to be born. The words ‘wilderness’ and ‘desert’ refer to the state of desolation of the church and charity on earth. The words ‘pathway’ and ‘river’ refer to the influx and correspondences being rebuilt between. The connection between heaven and earth had atrophied, like a river going dry or an electrical circuit that had lost its nodes. All this and much more mean that whole parts in the body of the Grand Man, if we were able to view it, were dying, were going grey so to speak. This means that in man the spiritual internals were shutting off, the wiring so to speak in the psyche that connect to heaven were dying. By being born on earth and the growth he went through day by day, jesus was restoring the pathways in the psyche of man that make it possible to connect with heaven. He rewired and activated the channels in the mind of man by his acts of love on earth. There has to be a node on earth and a node in heaven to complete the circuit. He rebuilt this internal connection, in all of its complex particulars, day by day by overcoming the powers of evil and the temptations with which they continually assaulted Him. He overcame them by exercising acts of love and wisdom that created and re-established union. Wilderness and desert in general mean the desolation of charity in the church and the resulting loss of correspondence and influx between the mind of man and heaven. This caused the functions in the body of the Grand Man, which is heaven, to atrophy. But by being born on earth God received a new human – Jesus. As jesus went through the gradual process of making his Human divine, known as the glorification process, he was also making all the functions and structures of the Grand Man whole and sound and brilliant. In doing this He became the source and innermost of everything; He became the fountain from which all meaning, regeneration and love spring, so that all things immediately or remotely correspond to him. We are truly, in every sense of the Word, in the body of Jesus.

        Swedenborg Writes:
“In relation to man the Grand Man is the whole of the Lord’s heaven, but in the highest sense the Grand Man is the Lord Himself; for it is from Him that heaven has its being, and to Him everything there corresponds. Since the human race had become utterly corrupted on account of a life of evil and consequent false persuasions, and since at that time the lower things with man were beginning to take control over the higher, that is, natural things were taking control over spiritual, and as a result Jehovah or the Lord was no longer able to flow in by way of the Grand Man, that is, by way of heaven, and bring those things back into proper order, it was consequently necessary for the Lord to come into the world. It was necessary because in so doing He assumed a human and made this Divine. Then by means of that human made Divine He restored order so that the whole of heaven might have reference to Himself as the one and only Man and might correspond to Him alone, once those who were under the influence of evil and so of falsity had been trodden down and so cast outside the Grand Man. This explains why people in heaven are said to be ‘in the Lord’, indeed in His body; for the Lord is the All of heaven, and being in Him every single angel there is assigned to a particular province and function” (AC 3637).

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