I think it is accurate to say that as a spiritual warrior Jesus carried all of humanity on his back. He led humanity back from the brink of utter destruction. It is great for our heart and mind to understand how this process works in life and the Word. Every glimpse we get of this process opens channels in our soul that have extension into heaven. Even thought we are seeing only a tiny fraction of what He actually did.

I will keep this concise. The internal sense of the story of Abraham sacrificing his son is about the dire and most severe temptation that Jesus went through. In the story, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice His son Isaac. Abraham obeys and travels to the mountain, builds the sacrificial table, lays his son on it, binds him and prepares to kill him with a knife. The Word reads: “Abraham bound Isaac his son”. The story is about undergoing a severe temptation that God puts one through. To be ‘bound’ signifies severe temptation because one is boxed in, forced to face a painful situation and decision they can not get out of. Isaac was Abraham’s greatest love, his beloved son; to kill him was the hardest thing God could ask. But Abraham loved God, and had faith and obeyed each of God’s orders. After the temptation, Abraham was rewarded immensely for his great faith, and used by God as one of his greatest servants.

It is a universal principle that evil attacks us according to our greatest love. Evil works to destroy us by destroying that which we love the most. This is demonstrated in the story by God making Abraham sacrifice his son. What this corresponds in Jesus life, is that the Lords’s greatest love is that He desires the salvation of all humanity and of every individual. This is the core love and use for which He created the whole of creation. Evil knew this was his greatest love and so sought with all its might and fury to destroy humanity and put all in abysmal darkness.

Specifically, the story Abraham sacrificing Isaac corresponds to the last temptation of Jesus. In the Garden Jesus was undergoing such an intense temptation and assault from evil He said, ‘Father, take this cup away from me’; and, he sweat blood under the extreme duress. Three times he asked the disciples to sit with him that night and the fell asleep each time. It was too much for them. Then Jesus was arrested, bound, and scourged by his enemies. He did not get out of this physically, He had to go through it, suffer it and overcome. Through the whole trial, temptation and torture He stayed present. When they beat him and Pilot said to Him, ‘Don’t you know I have the power to kill you’, Jesus said ‘You have no power over me, but only that which is given by the Father’.

Internally this incredible statement means that, because Jesus is the ONE divine in his soul, He has the power to put himself through temptations! No man has the power, wisdom or discipline to do this – only the divine ONE has the ability to do this. It also means that Jesus suffered as to his body, which had hereditary evil in it since He was born of Mary like other humans; but He did not suffer as to his soul. For the love and wisdom of His divine soul is far beyond the reach of the doings of Man. The reason Jesus could be tempted is that He had hereditary evil in His body (as do all humans), but He overcame every temptation put on Him; and, by this, He removed all hereditary evil from His body. He was direly tempted but He never sinned. As said above, Jesus greatest love was for the salvation of every person and all humanity, so like terrorists, this is what evil sought to destroy in order to crush Him.

When Jesus said, ‘why have you fore saken me’, He immediately added, ‘but let your will be done’. This demonstrates how he was tempted but never sinned. He went though the process and overcame. When they had Him bound and nailed to the cross, he said, ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’. Even with the atrocity done to Him He stayed connected and aware; He acted from love and wisdom. By overcoming all temptation He utterly purified His human body, and thus He brought His body into perfect union with His soul. He made His body obey His soul, utterly and completely, and by this His human merged with His divine. Now it can be well understood that, the phrase ‘the Son of Man’ refers to his Human, and ‘the Son of God’ refers to His divine soul. It can also be understood that the nature of God is Union, a union achieved by the most rigorous crucible process to ever be; and from this union all life springs forth as from a fountain!

Now, it is most significant to understand that in doing this within Himself Jesus was also doing it for the salvation all of humanity and the universe. As He went ‘through’ each temptation to the other side He re-connected the lost and atrophied channels between the psyche of Man and the realms of heaven. Jesus paved the way for all Mankind by doing this work within his own Human self. This is how He redeemed Man. He did not and does not do this for us unilaterally. To do that would be to violate Man’s freedom. God follows his own laws of divine order. Every person must cooperate in the process from their own mind and soul to form the bond with God that saves. We must cooperated in our redemption.

This is why He was born on earth. Jesus achieved these connections one by one during the whole course of his life. He did so in every particular, and to total completion. To see how he did completely and universally, It is important to perceive that the the Human form is a universal form. This truth is expressed in the Bible by these words – ‘We are made in God’s image’. Everything in the human form, thus of every individual, corresponds to the universal man, the Grand Man which is Jesus. If one were able to see the whole of the universe and he whole of heaven, you would that these are in the form of the divine human. This is how we truly are in ‘the body of Jesus’. Now we can begin to see how it is that by making His body divine He re-connecting all of humanity (in potential) to all of heaven and the universe. By His supreme acts of love, in overcoming all temptation and fulfilling all prophecy, He entered the innermost of everything in the whole of everything, for that which is the highest love is also the innermost. By this He paved the way for all Humans, through all time, in every particular – to be redeemed.

This is probably enough for the reader to take in for now. In the second part of this article we will examine the meaning of this scripture below which extends and continues the meaning above:

“Then Abraham circumcised his son Isaac when he was eight days old, as God had commanded him. Now Abraham was one hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him”. (Genesis 24: 4,5).

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