The Meaning of ‘To Be for One People’ from Genesis: How It Is That All Born Have the Capacity to Be Saved Whether They Know Christ or Not

Genesis 34:16, “We will both give our daughters to you and will take your daughters to us, and we will dwell with you, and we will be for one people.”

      “To be for one people,” denotes those who are joined by doctrine. There are two things that conjoin together the humans of the church, namely, life and doctrine. By life is meant the quality of love in one’s heart, along with the desire and actions to be useful to people and one’s country. When people are in harmony in this regard theology and doctrinal beliefs do not separate them; but if the doctrine alone conjoins them, as is the case at this day within the church, then people and communities separate from one another and make as many churches as their are doctrines. Doctrine is for the sake of the life, and the life is from the doctrine. Doctrine is meant to serve life, not life to serve doctrine. Doctrine is meant to guide one’s life to God. Often people who are of one doctrine will condemn others who are of another doctrine, sometimes to hell, and people fall into enmity.

       But one’s doctrine and belief does not separate people of the church if the life conjoins them. This is evident from the fact that a man who is in the goodness of life does not condemn another who is of a different opinion, but leaves the matter to his faith and conscience, and this includes those who are outside the church. People in the goodness of life understand that ignorance cannot condemn any who live in innocence and mutual love. This is clearly true of little children, who are in ignorance when they die, but can certainly be saved for they are open to truth. It also applies to people who have never heard of Christ but love good and God in some form.

      In is inherent in those who love the good of their neighbor and life that they can acknowledge God when taught about him. They also usually have an intuitive inner knowledge of God. This is because all good comes from God so knowledge of God is contained in the love of good. It is a magnificent truth to meditate on that ‘contained in love is all the wisdom to manifest the end purpose of that love’. Thus one can see that an intuitive knowledge of God gradually springs forth from those who love Good to the neighbor – even if their mind cannot for various reasons accept things of doctrine.

       It is nevertheless true that when dies and in order to be prepared for and enter heaven they must be taught and acknowledge that the divine human, Christ is the God of heaven. But because their live is in good they are able to see and believe this truth, and can enter.

       In the contrary those who believe correctly, that is that know true doctrine such as that Christ is God, but do not live in the good of life – these cannot enter heaven for the quality of love in ones soul is the bottom line state of ones soul and determines if they can be present in the light of heaven. (Arcana 4468).

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