‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’: Getting to Know The Gentle Self, The Sovereign Self

Jesus – “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

    The meek, or the gentle self, is the internal self. It values its core more than anything for the core self is resourced, it loves and cares. It is resourced because it is connected and obedient to God, and thus receives abundantly. It has no desire to harm or hurt anyone or anything, so it is free. It is good with God, and on solid ground. The gentle self sees; it feels the anger and machinations of evil, but keeps these on the perimeter where they can be felt in a sort of rich field around the core self, a sort of interim place between the internal and external self. Here these feelings can be discerned and thus articulated by the mind. Affections and feelings are felt, read, and understood.

     The gentle self knows that all of hells power is derivative, that hell has no source of its own. It knows that the falsity of hell only has power over falsity. The moon has no source of its own light. Hells power is all deception, fear, and undermining of the sense of self and faith. The derivative forces of hell can do profound damage, but it has no power over good itself whatsoever. The gentle self knows all good comes from God, and that there is no greater power in the universe than divine truth.

  The gentle self does not have to be perfect. It gets angry at evil and rejects evil. If evil gets under its skin it is very painful, and the core self brings all its attention to it and slowly but surely works it out, learning and growing stronger from its loss. The offensive burr is worked out to the perimeter, and now the core self has grown stronger and more experienced. There is no end to the growth; but there is peace, there is trust and fulfillment that are more satisfying than any outer experience.

One of the greatest difficulties is that there are many people who love to get under your skin and cause agitation, pain and humiliation. As these kind of issues are worked out from the past it helps our interactions in the present; and as we grow more skillful in the present the past losses is its grip on our emotions. Now, as you work this out, you see that people who cause pain, people who play undermining games, or who refuse to step out of the external formula of life – you see that they do so because they are in pain, and they don’t want to deal with it. Their pain is thoroughly protected against change. They have made it as if dead, but it is not dead. And this will, no doubt, take place with people close to you, and with some of that we love, and we dearly do not want it to be so. This is very painful to see for oneself. But it must be faced; our love for them is their ‘in’, but we can no longer ignore and take on their pain, and the dysfunction that comes with it. This is not only helping ourself but the only chance of helping them. It is, in truth, not love to take on their pain; though it feels like it (but this is only because it is old and familiar). It doesn’t matter how smart and wonderful they are in some ways, or how good and talented they are at some things, it is a matter of will, and some have purposely ensconced their pain and their life on the matter. 

If it has to do with legal, moral, or safety matters one can force the change of their behavior, which is good to do, but that doesn’t necessarily change their will, though it may, hopefully, in some measure. God himself doesn’t force a person to change their will. He no doubt could, but he doesn’t, because to do so is to extinguish the very ruling principle of their life and freedom. If God cannot, or will not do it, how much less can we.

This is the kind of paradox the gentle-core-self must grow in – in the face of very hard things it grows softer, yet stronger; harmless, yet powerful; open, yet sovereign. To the degree we face the pains and the truths of life – Jesus takes us deeper, makes us more aware, and infills us with love. By claiming our sovereignty in this way we become an agent of God to change things around us. He is always with us from beginning to end, seeking to prepare us for, and give us free gratis, His kingdom.

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