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The Reason One Can See God From Nature, The Innate Morals of Man, and the Word: Correspondences Operate on Three Universal Levels

The reason that one can see God from nature, the innate morals of man, and the Word is that correspondences operate on three levels – the whole of nature and the natural world (throughout the universe), The human form, and the Word of the Bible.

Unlike any other published works that exists the Bible is written in correspondences; this distinguishes the Word (the Holy Scripture in the Bible) from all other written material. This means that every word of the Bible that is Holy has an external and internal sense. The words of Holy scripture have a structural connection with heaven through correspondence. No other written word has or will ever have this internal sense. The Bible possesses this because it is divine truth from the will of God in heaven. Men wrote it with their hands, but it was given to them by divine will, or dictation from the Lord. So the Bible is divine truth accommodated down to humanity on the earthy level, so its earthly state is the external sense and the internal sense is its heavenly state. We are part material and part spiritual so are capable of receiving the internal sense if we do so from love and sincerity. The external sense is a container and protector of the internal sense. It protects from those who are not sincere and would profane it.

The universe is at once truly infinite, never ending, and it is contained. One could both ‘travel’ endlessly – at the speed of light for eternity – and never reach a border, AND it is self contained. The universe is contained in the sense that it is in the form of a human. It is not possible for anything to exist unless it has form, and it’s form is the natural of God. The universe is more than anything a reflection of the nature of God. We are made in the image of God and the universe is made in the image of God. God is a divine man, He is infinite, and omnipotent, and thus in him are an infinity of things and infinite variety spiritually and naturally. He is in the natural and outside the natural, and He is in time and outside time. It is a paradox to our mind that the universe is infinite and contained. I believe this is ‘resolved’ in that there are points of transfer from the natural to the spiritual world. There is a correspondence for this – in the human body there are many points of transfer between the body and the outside atmosphere and the world, and there are many points of reception. In this case the body corresponds to the universe, and the atmosphere to the spiritual world.

    Our natural mind thinks of the universe as endless space, and its expanse is incomprehensible to us. But when we understand that God is the divine human and everything that exists reflects the nature of that which created it we can begin to grasp how the universe is contained and infinite. The universe in the form of God is called the Grand Man. It is a universal principle that there is correspondence between everything in the spiritual world and everything in the natural world, so in the macro the form of God is human and the form of the universe is human. The divine human has infinite presence  to all things from one source; the natural universe is material and cannot have infinite presence, so the way the universe corresponds to God’s infinite presence is that it has an innumerable number of things in it. For instance, in the spiritual world there is one sun in which the Lord is in the midst, and by this He sustains all things; in the natural world there are an innumerable number of suns throughout the universe, which sustain material life.


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