The Shroud of Turin: Exploring the Spiritual Explanation for Its Holographic Qualities

In this article I will explore the spiritual causes for the very extraordinary characteristics of the Shroud of Turin. ‘The Remnant Report’ reveals the following scientific discoveries about the Shroud.


“In 1898 Secondo Pia photographed the Shroud for the first time. The image he saw in his dark room stunned him and the world. He discovered that the Shroud itself is like a photo negative and the dark room image is the photo positive (2012 CBS news). Certainly, the faint image of a crucified man on the cloth is difficult to see. Yet, when a photo is taken of the cloth the photographed image shows a distinct man who happens to resemble early ancient and medieval paintings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another strange phenomena is that the photographed shroud shows some evidence of being an X-Ray photo. One can actually see the teeth and roots of the teeth behind the lips in the filmed image. Furthermore, the long fingers reveal the bone structure of the fingers and wrists underneath just as it would if an X-Ray were taken of the hands and teeth.

Perhaps the strangest quality of the shroud is a recent finding about its 3D dimensionality. Yes, you heard that right. The cloth is in 3D! It’s a holographic image. It appears that the shroud is encoded with 3D information that is found from the spaces between the highest and lowest points of the body and its distance from the cloth. Recently, a VP-8 analyzer that gives topographical information about the moon and Mars terrain, was used on the cloth. Sure enough, a 3D holographic image formed of a man’s face and body. In fact, readers can view some of the 3D images for themselves by watching a DVD, The Fabric of Time, produced by Vance Syphers and Paul Schubert, Grizzly Adams Productions

The consensus of the science team is that most likely radiation coming from within the crucified body caused this 3D effect to occur on the shroud itself! Thus, perhaps it may come as no surprise to many that the resurrection was most likely a nuclear event!
Giulio Fanti, an Italian chemist from Padua University, proposes that a burst of radiant energy caused the image on the cloth. It might have come from bright light, ultraviolet light, X-rays or fundamental particles emanating from within the body itself. One need only to re- read the account of Christ’s Transfiguration from Luke 9:29 in order to surmise that such an event took place (BBC News)”. (


World-renowned Shroud researcher Professor Giulio Fanti of Padua University in Italy strongly suggests that the force which caused the image to be imprinted on the cloth was radiation released in the form of an electrical discharge in the manner of a nuclear event.

The burst of light at the resurrection is a climax of union. It is the culmination of the glorification process. This can give us great insight into the nature of the resurrection and the extraordinary markings on the cloth. At the climax of union there is a spike of light, passion, and awareness; it is a universal principle that there is a birthing of something new at the moment of union. This takes place in both the physical and the spiritual together. For instance, scientist have recently discovered that at the moment an egg is fertilized in the beginning of life there is a burst of light in the cell. (This phenomenon can be observed at the following website: ). This is a moment of union, a spike of natural light and spiritual gifting, birth, or enlightenment. It is not only a union of the egg and sperm producing a child, it also serves as an example the universal principle that in the union of the natural and the spiritual there is birthed something greater, and that the natural is the necessary foundation for the birthing. (This is a profound principle that I have written about before and requires much study. Further understanding it is helpful in understanding the shroud. I have written about this extensively in the article called ‘Phenomenal Awareness’.) The natural is the foundation of the spiritual because there is always a correspondence between them, the spiritual being the first cause of the natural; for instance, there is a correspondence between physical light and spiritual light. The heat of natural light corresponds to love; the light from it corresponds to wisdom. For instance when Jesus was born there was a bright star seen during the day and night; this star corresponded to the spiritual joy of angels in heaven and to the soul of God being born on earth. In the case of the resurrection the nuclear force from the electrical discharge in the light at the moment of resurrection corresponds to the immense spiritual light and love bursting from the body of Jesus. The resurrection is the birthing of the physical body of Jesus from the natural to merging with the divine of God. This can and will happen this one and only time, for by definition there is only one divine, and only what is divine can merge with the divine. The resurrection is the union of the Lord’s human and divine soul. I will return to this idea at the end of this article, after we have considered more of the particulars.

Fanti theorizes that the reason the shroud has the quality of an ex-ray is that as the body disappeared (resurrected) the cloth fell by gravity through it, and picked up the internal images as it did. This assumes the body disappeared from the top down, or from the outside in. I think there is another cause for this. It would be consistent with the principle of union that the cells of His body burst into light from each cell and all parts of the body simultaneously. Because the cells of His body burst simultaneously the images would have been deposited on the shroud at the same time. The images from the inside being slightly less because not as close as the outside to the cloth.

I say the ex-ray quality of the shroud is consistent with union based on the correspondences between the structure of the universe and the divine human of Jesus. The study of correspondences reveals that everything in the universe, that is all of nature and the spiritual world, has correspondence with the divine body of Jesus. If one were able to see the view of the entirety of the universe we would see that it is in the shape of the Grand Man, the divine human, which is the human of God – Jesus. Swedenborg revealed from heaven that everything in both the natural and spiritual universe actually are in the body of Jesus. The human form is a universal form in every particular – every organ, all the muscles, sinew, veins; all of the brain, the nervous system, the tissues, skin – every single part of the physical and spiritual correspond. The uses of the parts of the body and their processes corresponds to particular spiritual uses and processes, for instance digestion corresponds to the vastation of good and evil in the world of spirits; the eyes to perception, breath to affection, and so on. The universe being in the human form is much more than about shape; it has to do with the way everything structurally and relationally works together in harmony. In addition, all the processes by which the physical functions, such as chemical reactions, nuclear fusion, the birth process – also have correspondence to their spiritual counterpart; the spiritual being the cause of the physical. By means of this the Lord’s presence and omnipotence is in the macro and the micro. Astro-physicists have given a great practical example of how this is true. Scientist are continually mapping-out a picture of the universe and call this map the cosmic web. Many have observed that the cosmic web looks exactly like microscopic pictures of the brain and nervous system. This gives us an idea of how particular is the correspondence, or the union, between the universe and the divine human form of Jesus. Correspondences are as universal to the functioning of the universe as are atoms. (There are several other articles one can read in this blog explaining he nature of correspondences.)

To our point Astro-physicists have known for years from the study of the Big Bang that the universe is expanding, not from a single point, but from every point in the universe simultaneously. Now, since the macro of Jesus is the whole of the universe, and every point in the universe expands simultaneously, by the law of correspondences it stands to reason that every atom, every cell, and every organ in the body of Jesus burst into light simultaneously in the moment of the resurrection. The avenue of Jesus’ presence to all points in the universe is from the innermost – for in the culmination of the infinite love of His deeds He made His body divine. In a burst of light and power the atoms and cells of his body merged into the divine, just as atoms in the core of the sun explode into heat and light; except that in the resurrection the event encompasses both the natural and highest spiritual love simultaneously.

Jesus achieved perfection in the union of His body and soul by the expression of perfect love and wisdom in the natural world. It is a great distinction to understand that before Jesus was born God’s life was in the celestial and spiritual realm, and only potentially in the natural; but by being born on earth He fully entered the natural realm for the first time. He had hereditary evil in his physical body but not His soul. For His soul was from God, and his body was from a human, Mary. By overcoming all temptation put upon Him throughout His life He purified Himself of all hereditary evil. By this process He made himself divine love. At the same time He fulfilled all prophecy from the Old testament. Prophecy is divine truth from the will of God, and by living the fulfillment of divine truth He became divine truth. This process was rigorous far beyond our human ability to begin to comprehend. The resurrection is the culmination of this process.

It is essential to understand that Love is spiritual substance, not an abstraction, and as such it is the container of all the information (wisdom) to manifest the end purpose of love. In the body and soul of Jesus there was complete and perfect truth and information in every particular. So the shroud is encoded with holographic information from the burst of heat and light contained in His divine love.

The fact that Fanti believes the burst of light to be a nuclear event is also consistent with correspondences. It is fundamental to the structure of the universe that there is one spiritual sun in heaven and infinite suns in the natural universe. The natural suns correspond to the infinite presence of the one spiritual sun by an infinity of numbers, because natural suns are material, therefore in time and space, that is the only way they can correspond to infinite presence. Natural suns are incredible wonders, but pale in comparison to the wonder of the spiritual sun. Nuclear fusion in the natural sun corresponds to the Holy fire in the spiritual sun; this gives us a small glimpse of the magnificent power therein . (Jesus is in the midst of the spiritual sun). The Holy fire from Him is the result of the union between His divine Soul and His divine human. From the bond of union emerges spiritual truths and love as from a fountain, and in the case of the Lord it is the Holy fire that forms the spiritual sun from which all life in its infinite variety was created and is sustained. Now we know from science that in the natural sun there is immense gravity from its mass that causes nuclear fusion in its core. The immense gravity is a sort of crucible that is so intense that the atoms at the core of the sun don’t miss each other as they are wont to do, but slam into each other producing nuclear fusion – the immense force of this impact causes atoms to explodes into heat and light. The inward power of gravity and the outward power of fusion settle into an equilibrium, which determines the form of the sun – just as the Holy fire from the marriage of the Lord’s divine and human is the glorious bond that corresponds directly to fusion in the natural sun! This is the mother of all correspondences. Everything that exists in the universe is in equilibrium – for everything that exists repeats the from of that which created it, and the spiritual and natural suns created all things. The shroud is a nuclear event because of this correspondence between fusion in the natural sun and Holy fire. The crucible of the glorification process caused His body to burst into light and merge with the divine. It occurred in the specific place of the tomb on the shroud because the shroud was the material object on His body, but the resurrection also took place in the innermost of all points in the universe!

The reason the Shroud has 3D information is because the divine contains all information in its wholeness and completeness from the material to the highest heaven (the alpha and omega); it crosses all 3 dimensions of the natural world, and the 3 dimensions of the spiritual world (natural, spiritual, and celestial heavens) and is above them all. The material world and the spiritual world are separate but connected, the natural world being the foundation of the spiritual. They exist in a symbiosis that passes information to each other appropriate to their levels by correspondences. Jesus resurrecting his body is the most transcendent event of all time; He transcended above the highest dimension of heaven to a love that never existed before. This transcendence manifests in the two-dimensional shroud by there being a third dimension contained its information – thus giving it its holographic quality. The shroud, a natural two-dimensional cloth, expresses transcendence the only way it can – by having a third dimension in its image.

In part two we will further discuss the principles of union and spiritual birth in relation to the Shroud of Turin.

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