The Single Greatest Indicator that the People Of America Support and Trust Trump at a High Level

The Single Greatest Indicator that the People Of America Support and Trust Trump at a very High Level is that the stock market has continually risen for an entire year. It broke the record high many times; it breaks 23,000, and now 24,000 for the first time. This shows more than anything that there is a tremendous trust in Trump to do the right thing, and he has. People don’t mess around when it comes to their money; money is where the rubber meets the road, and the evidence shows that both big business and the little guy have a very bullish outlook. This has not been talked about enough even by Trump supporters. It must be recognized that the main reason that America is having such a resurgence in business, Stock Market, respect in the world, manufacturing returning – is because the people trust Trump! It seems to me there is far more support for Trump than the poles indicate. There are those who openly support him and those who secretly support him. Even Democrats and liberals who don’t support him will join in on making money when they see the chance, a sort of tacit support in denial. The Stock market doesn’t keep going up without corrections this long without great trust! There has not been a single significant correction all year. Its a unique phenomenon. Everyone knows the the stock market goes up, and then it corrects, but the correction has not happened yet.

It will correct, it has to, but this is not a sign of failure or collapse. It is natural. When it does the dems will no doubt say it has all been a sham. That is the constant liberal strategy; take a small half-truth and make it everything; ignore the the whole perspective and take the opportunity to create negative perception and angst. They dig and dig and dig for negatives and more dirt and just end up in a dark hole! Their tactics don’t work. It may on a few for a little while, but on the whole the liberal tactics are just an insult to people’s intelligence. It used to work because they had enough group-think momentum to get a majority, and because the Republicans were almost as corrupt as they were. But now they are dealing with a man who doesn’t play by establishment rules and who really does love God, really does have integrity, and who loves the people of America. The liberals have too much pride to think that everyone sees through them so they are unwilling to think they could be wrong, but they are. This denial actually helps to propel Trumps success. – (Similar to the way Dark energy aids in and propels formations in the universe). Liberal tactics keep up the expectation that something will go wrong; they keep people feeling like we have to fight to keep our head above water, but inwardly people believe in the direction we are going so they keep fight with intense desire and involvement; in other words, the people are not  getting complacent about the great thing we have going for them. Its a battle and keeps people on their toes. Trump plays the left like a fiddle. Its a battle, and there is lots of back and forth, but Trump has the people’s trust and all the lefts attention. He wins. I think this is why the stock has gone up week after week in this astonishing, trend defying way.

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