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The Stink Smelt Around the World: Biden and the Democrats, Their Ideological Racism Revealed to the World.


Biden was already done, but now he is worse than done. What a pathetic politician; it’s sad to see really, but he did it to himself. Wasted all his brains with Epstein types, and with corrupt leaders like Obama. Obama is his idol. Biden forgot what it means to be a leader that serves the people if he ever knew. Obama tired to incite division in America for political gain. For Biden that’s ‘normal’ (but it’s evil). They thought they got away with murder, but they thought wrong. The Democrat people and party know Biden’s worthless, but they will keep defending the undefendable – because they have nothing. Their worst nightmare has come to be – their ideological induced, rampant racism has just bore its ugly ass for all the world to see. The people and races for the most part don’t buy the democrat definition of racism. The people have grown way past their deceptive story, but they don’t get it; they don’t see the world has passed them by. No matter how much CNN and the media try to paint lies about racism and Trump it doesn’t stick or resonate with the real people. For the most part the people in America have grown together, to accept each other and understand each other. Biden and the dems – the stink smelt around the world.

Latest comments
  • What’s that smell? I perceive the Democrats no longer know or care about the good of their country. They care more for growing rich and powerful. After all the poverty and corruption involved with socialism (Venezuela) the dems undeterred plow forth with the only weapon they have in their arsenal, free stuff. Forget about Kennedy’s maxim, “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.” Their smothering toxic “love” weakens the people, destroys freedom, and encourages poverty. They want to shred the constitution, eliminate the electoral college, and defund the police. Open borders and health care for noncitizens smell like a dead carcass. Good example of how hate blinds minds.

  • Please elaborate on Biden’s racism.