The Trinity Concisely Explained and Tangibly Understood.

I think the Trinity can be understood perfectly clearly in a tangible way. It is the traditions of religion that have made it confusing.

Most can see that God is one, which is a profoundly essential truth to hold.

The Bible tells us we are made in God’s image. That clearly means that God is in the human form. He is the original human form. All things created reflect the nature and form of that which created it, thus we are human. The human form is also a universal form throughout the universe. (To read more about this you can see the article in this blog on that subject.)

God is one as a human – He is the divine human. We see this of course in Jesus who lived as a man, and in course of His life made His human divine in the resurrection. We know that every person has a body, mind, and soul; this is  what makes them whole and human. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost correspond to the body, mind and soul of God. The Father is the essence of God or his soul. The son is the body or human form of God. The mind is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the divine truth which proceeds from the Soul of God. It is the presence of God that is omnipresent with all mankind and leads and guides him. These three act as one in union. The divine soul and divine body of God are eternally bonded in the Holy marriage. The union of these two took place during Jesus’ life in the most rigorous process ever known, and that ever will be, which is called the Glorification. (There are several articles in this blog describing the deep and amazing process of the glorification). The resurrection is the result of the bond between God’s body and soul. This union continues without end like a candle and wick; it is the fountain from which all life springs. From the marriage of the body and soul of God comes the Holy fire and the proceeding forth of this is the Holy Spirit.  From this we can see how God is one, and what the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost mean. (Previous to God being born on earth there was also the Holy marriage in God, but in order save Mankind God was born on earth, and Jesus became the new human of God.)

It is horrid to think in any way shape or form that God is three persons. Some Catholic theologians still do this and so do Evangelicals. They sometimes say that He is one, and in the same breath say he is three persons. This fallacy started for the counsel of Nice. It is spiritually harmful to think there are three persons in God, because in the light of heaven such a thought is not allowed or even possible because the light of heaven consists of love and wisdom from God, and such a thought is expelled by that light.

There can only be one divine by definition. The divine is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and only one can be these. If there were two neither would be so.

To think there are three persons in God causes the mind to be stuck in an external state where one cannot receive higher light. It is the opposite of union; for all genuine doctrine and spirituality is an expression of union; and all false doctrine and spirituality separates love and wisdom, body and soul, faith and charity. The nature of God is the union of His body and soul, which is the fountain from which all life proceeds.

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