There is no reincarnation. Only God is uncreated from the beginning, everything else alive that exists is born by the birth process. This is a universal principle. Every life is one and sovereign, body and soul are one, and the soul is eternal. What many people don’t consider is that it is not possible for a soul to be in another body; it can only be in the body it is born into. Just as God is One as body mind and soul; every Human is One in body mind and soul. There are no second chances. “It is appointed man once to die and then the judgement” Heb. 9:27.

In Hebrews 7:16: “Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed. Only God has the power of ‘a life that cannot be destroyed’. “The physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi” means to be physically born on earth into the family of man. The scriptures meaning then is that only Jesus is uncreated from eternity, all others ever brought into life are born by the birth process from a mother and father. God is the source of life, and only He has intrinsic life; all others that have life are receptacles of life, this includes humans, angels, and demons. As the Bible says God is the ‘creator’ and we are the ‘creature; God is the ‘Potter’ and humans are the ‘vessel’. Humans are receptacles of life and the Lord is the source. All angels are humans in the beautiful heavenly form; and all demons are humans in a monstrous and hellish form.

The scripture above also means that it is an immutable fact that what comes from the divine will come true, no matter how long it takes – this is a primary attribute of the One divine. God foresaw thousands and thousands of years ago that He would have to be born on earth himself in order to save mankind and used men to prophecy this incredible fact in the Bible. (God was born on earth – are angels greater than He?

We have often heard the phrase, “There is none good but God’. Most Christians say this, and it is absolutely true. God is the source of all good; He is never less than pure love and wisdom. All others ‘meet the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi’, which means we all have hereditary evil, for hereditary evil is passed on from generation to generation. This is why only God is worthy to be worshiped – because He has no evil and is pure good He can always be trusted and is justice itself.

In Revelation John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that, you and I are brethren, only God is to be worshiped”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position with God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels whatsoever, because God is infinite and humans and angels are finite.

Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only God is without any hereditary evil. When God was born on earth as Jesus by Mary He has hereditary evil in his body only from the mother. During the course of His life He entirely removed all hereditary evil from his human body in the Glorification which resulted in the Resurrection – the ultimate birthing.

Furthermore, It is a universal principle in the Bible and in life that life arises from the union of the natural and the spiritual. Everything in the natural world and spiritual world come about by a process formation and transformation. Nothing comes into being by magic here or in the spiritual world. When it comes to the spiritual world people tend to have ‘magical thinking’. But it doesn’t work like that. We see from science that a tree, a chemical reaction, the growth of a child, anything you can think of involves a gradual process. It is the same thing in the spiritual world. All growth, fulfillment and the expression of love is through process. The master example of this (that should end all doubt) is that God himself was birthed on earth. Are angels greater than God that they should not be birthed?

When the angel told Mary that she would give brith to the savior she said, “How will this take place, since I have not had intercourse?” The angel replied, said to her, “The Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and the power of the Highest will cover you; therefore the Holy One that is born from you will be called the Son of God.” This scripture shows that the birth process is a universal process. If it is so for our God, how can it not be so for all angels and humans. The Bible teaches us that we are all made “in His image”; it is important to understand that this statement includes all the processes that go with being human – birthing, consciousness, freedom, becoming, death and salvation. For instance, the word ‘midwife’ in the Word doesn’t just refer to a woman that helps with birth but it refers to the universal process by which all things, including angels are born by the birth process between the natural and the physical.

So Heaven arises from the human race; heaven is a dwelling with the Lord to eternity. From this we can see that the very end purpose of creation is for all born to be in heaven. Everyone must go through the whole process, but not all make it. All angels and demons are former humans.

In addition, small children who die go to heaven and are raised by angels; they are not angels but grow to become angels when they come of age. The reason is is that children have not yet formed a conscience that discerns between good and evil, and thereby they all can be taught to receive heaven, and eventually become angels.

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