“They want to cancel you”: A Description of Trumps Extraordinary Insight Into the Source of the Left’s End Purpose

Trump: “They want to cancel you. Totally cancel you. Take your job, turn your family against you for speaking your mind, while they indoctrinate your children with twisted, twisted, worldview’s that nobody ever thought possible.”

This is incredible awareness and expression by Trump. The dems want authority over our lives, and they are trying to get it at every level. They are doing it in our own homes. They are pitting mother and father agains son and daughter. The education system is dominated by leftists and they are indoctrinating the kids into their ideology. Most young people believe in and fight for BLM, though they know little of what it is really about, and they reject what their parents or other people of common sense have to say about it. You have BLM written across many streets in the cities, signs. Politicians and teachers unions side with keeping kids out of school, which is bad on many levels, it feeds into lack of discipline, entitlement, lethargy; though it may be good to keep them from being indoctrinated. BLM is a violent and marxist organization. The dems already have a double standard established, but they want much more than that. They want to erase our voice. Like many dems have said Rep. Frederica Wilson recently said people who are “making fun of members of Congress” online “should be prosecuted”. Maxine, Schumer, and Kamala have said things to justify and insite rioting and violence against regular Americans and conservatives. What the dems are trying to do is twisted, un-American and completely against democracy. They want to be socialist dictators. As Trump said if they take control America would quickly go the way of Venezuela.   

The dems love nothing more than a good crises for the sake of gaining authority over the people, and Covid is the mother of all crisis for this purpose. It’s the perfect foil to make people obey and to destroy the economy. This is their love. They love to stand on the pretense that they are compassionate and caring, but are really emotional bullies. 

Now lets look deeper into how false compassion is a function of evil. The syndrome is an old and continuously repeated trick of evil forces. Swedenborg calls it an ‘unseasonable compassion’ and identifies it as a recurring tactic in history, here and in the spiritual world. It comes from hell seducing the will of people. It is mostly used in free societies with Christian ethics – for compassion is a tenant of Christian values, and it is mostly used in the ideology of the left. (The right has some of its own forms). Below Swedenborg describes the interaction between those in hell who use it on people here:

“They, spirits in hell, persuasively induced the idea of the Lord’s becoming placable towards them; and because they induced a degree of this persuasion upon me, it was not given then to instruct them that if they were to come into the spiritual world they would destroy whomsoever they should find by an unseasonable compassion. They greatly moved, they knew not whence, to exercise pity, and because they penetrate  to the proximate societies both evil and good, those who were so unseasonably compassionate were prone to every species of wickedness, nay, that by a persuasion similar to that of the antediluvians they would excite nearly all that came in their way to the perpetration of enormities. They wished their agency to be concealed; though sought for, they were not to be found; thus neither could others know whence such a wicked insanity poured itself forth, acting as they did in disguise, and at the same time inspiring compassion. Thus in order to excite at once both the evil and the upright, they craftily insinuate themselves into good affections, having deceit in view, and consulting their own interests solely, nor caring if the whole universe should perish”.

     This quote describes the subtle spiritual seduction that comes from hell with the purpose of turning people into its will. It shows how deeply deceptive the use of false compassion is and where it comes from. It comes from the machinations of hell, and it is important to see how these things work in order to stop it. It is usually ver difficult because they are expert at not allowing the person to see where it comes from, which I am seeking to show here; but now in todays world it has became pretty obvious what they trying to do, which is a good sign that they are losing. As Swedenborg says the end goal of these spirits is the destruction of the world if it were to be carried out to its end. Many current leaders at the top of the chain are visible examples of this, which I am sure you can see. Hillary has had a long career with little real accomplishments, and full of corruption. When she lost the election to Trump she has come up with every excuse in the book. Like Obama, Kamala and Biden, she accuses others of what she has done. They have no self-perception of the hypocrisy of their accusations. Soros is a great example. Behind the scenes he funds and works in a dedicated way to undermine America, and democracies around the world in order to bring about a one-world global agenda. These kind of people stubbornly refuse to receive real compassion from God so cannot change. 

     By the way, it is no Accident that one side is called the left and one the right. As with many things these words and circumstance that take place on earth are a reflection and correspondence to what happens in the spiritual world. Swedenborg describes what happens in the spiritual world:

“The things that lie inwardly concealed in people and have become their own by practice are brought out at the entrance to the other life, on being let in among spirits. Spirits were portrayed to me as being at the left side in front, toward the middle of the face. Those at the right were the upright. This should be noted, for all at the left, however many, are corrupt, and corrupters, who use such dreadful methods that no person on earth could ever believe it. The things they perpetrate are only the root of evil, for which they have an instinct; but more hideous is the instinct of those spirits who seem to themselves to possess some light of reason. This hellish gang is devoid of the discernment with which nature endowed them”.


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