“Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise”: The Thief on the Cross by Jesus Demonstrates Salvation in Three Ways

The thief on the cross with Jesus demonstrates salvation in three ways: He acknowledges that Jesus is divine; He honestly acknowledges his own sin which brings forgiveness; He approaches Jesus in humility and he asks to be with Him.
To the degree we are actively holding on to evil we can’t receive God. We are not responsible for hereditary evil that was born into our body, but we are responsible for evil willingly committed. The other thief didn’t let go, but taunted Jesus. Jesus told the first thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise”. Perhaps there are no greater words of a person to hear.
Salvation comes by the union of faith and charity in our soul, and Jesus is the cause of the universal principle of UNION, for in Him is the perfect union of His divine soul and divine human. He is the source and example that brings salvation! In Him is the Holy marriage (of His divine soul and human), and from this arises the Holy Fire in the spiritual sun from which proceeds love and wisdom to all life. (Wisdom equals faith and love equals charity). Love and wisdom for the spiritual sun correspond to heat and light from the natural sun. All born can have salvation by the principle of union whether they know Jesus or not. For those who do know Him they have a responsibility to turn to him with love and faith to the end. Doesn’t mean we don’t fall and fail, which we do, but we get up and don’t turn back. Cleary, the thief was not perfect, but he was saved.

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