Trump Seeks to empower the People of America Not Himself. He’s Offering a chance for fulfilling Work, To Restore Great and Compassionate Identity of America

We need to face reality. I think TRUMP haters are mistaken. Trump’s heart and soul is into serving America. It is true he is in the mold of a prosperity thinker but now all his skill and experience is on restoring the integrity of America and America’s strength. Like anyone he has things to learn, but he is in a position like no one else to do great things for America. He sees the real dangers that face us from within and out. The core lovers of America are with him in a great movement. This is why the establishment politicians hate him and PC culture hates him. He is busting their world. Bernie lovers should love this, but its not ‘cool’ enough for them, too real. Trump is taking responsibility and forcing people to face they have neglected responsibility, like the deficit and the bad deals we have made in trade agreements. Because we are for America doesn’t mean we are against anyone else, on the contrary by being a strong America that loves God, with strong borders, good economy, we will be able to help others. Obama Hillary are giving US away in a way that destroys it. You cant help others if you are drowning yourself. They have false compassion, Trump knows real compassion. You help others find their strength, use, identity, and service – to reach their potential, not get a free ride. That is real compassion. He helps the People, the police, and military to keep us safe and that is the work of a man with heart. He knows how to create jobs in the real world; he is a fighter, he knows BS in a flash when he sees it, he sees what motivates people, who is working for results and who is shinning him on. These are great things. A president should be a good father figure someone who cares more about others than their own interest, someone who has dealt with hardcore negotiations, someone who sees the evil in this world and deals with it straight forward and directly, someone who sees the good in others and helps them to grow. Trump believes in the constitution, and that America is founded in God we trust. Trump understands the sacred value of freedom, that to have deep passion for life we must have freedom, that America is the leader and last stand of this in the world, that on the free market the greatest products and the greatest potential of people’s creativity comes forth. Healthy competition is a great thing. I don’t want to see America go further down the shithole path as with Obama drifting toward socialism, Hillary has the same agenda only she is an expert deceiver and corrupt establishment politician. Trump all the way. Trump is giving no-one a free ride. He simply serves to empower the great business people and the people of America will do the change from within on the free market. God bless

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