Trump’s State of the Union Speech: A Moment of Truth Where the True Colors of Both Sides Are Revealed

February 6th, 2020

The picture is now clear to the people of America; the landscape has been exposed by Trump’s presence and strategy. We don’t know all the details yet, but we can see Mitt and Romney (as are many politicians) are entitled cronies who felt it was their due to leverage their high positions to benefit themselves and their family. The fact Biden tanked in the caucus and Romney’s own state rejects him proves the people see, even the dems see. These men have been consumed in, and are harboring devious secrets. They justify themself by thinking ‘thats the way it is in politics, everyone does it’. This is why when it comes time to work for and serve the people on real issues they are airheads. They look good on the outside, but on the inside they are corrupted. Time to face the music. Romney had the audacity to say that he voted against Trump because of his conscience before God. That is not God you are listening to Romney. At best it’s your own ego obeying the green monster, and at worst the dark ones. To justify it by calling it God makes it worse.

Not Trump. Trump occupies the external and internal center. The external center is the oval office, the internal center is the love and trust of the people. He has slowly but surely been gaining ground week by week, like Shaq boxing out another center time and time again, like white blood cells destroying diseased cells from inside the body. Trump has built a solid mountain to stand on and has brought the people with him to see the view. The dems can stop their evil ways and join in anytime they want, either way we the people are winning. Trump has said all along in his own earthy, ‘people person’ way that he has a boundless capacity for winning. The vision he expressed at the end of his speech showed it. “We are the path makers, we embrace the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of almighty God… America is the place where anything can happen and anyone can rise, on this soil the most incredible dreams come true. This nation is our canvas and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers, our brightest discoveries are not yet found, our greatest stories not yet told. The American age, the American epic has only just begun. Our spirit is young, and the sun still rises – God’s grace is still shinning on us, and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!” He is building on, and painting good into the true American identity; he provides an incredible vision for out future (with unlimited winning) and God is behind it all.
By telling the stories of men and woman who lived history and young people who yearn for a great future in a safe world Trump brought the lies of the left – (who try to snow our mind so we forget who we are) – to a screeching halt! We saw the faces of people who lived current events. Last year the officer that took seven bullets before he killed the shooter in the Jewish synagogue; and the holocaust survivor who was there when it happened. This year he told several stories like this with the people involved present so these stories are more than something we see in the news but we see the victims and the heroes involved. We see for ourself the intensity of the suffering and the sacrifice involved. (Watch these stories again, it really brings light to the mind and heart to see the people involved). He working to put truthfulness and the good of the people in its rightful position of honor. He talked about task force 18/14 which was the birthdate of the woman that was killed by terrorist, and honored her parents who were there. He read the letter of the soldier Christofer hack who died from a road side bomb. His son and wife were there.’ We will remember him forever’. He says to those who are fighting for devious things (after forcing them to expose themselves), ‘what you do is completely up to you’. This is spiritual genius because it forces them to face their conscience so that they must change, or dig deeper into the dark. It also gives them the chance of having the dignity to do it themself so the change is from within – which is the best leverage. This is exemplified perfectly by what Nancy did. At the end Nancy’s action of tearing the up the Speech showed her true colors. To her it was a righteous act of vengeance, but to millions of people watching it showed them what the don’t want to be or to be part of.

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