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Two Good Police Officers are Shot in the Face: BLM Wants to Destroy Those That Maintain Stability in Society But they Will Fail

Two cops peacefully sitting in their car were shot by a BLM gunman who snuck up and shot them in the face. It’s very sad, our whole culture has to absorb this insane news of what is happening in our society. BLM also obstructed their way to the hospital and chanted ‘we hope you die’. This makes me (and anyone with common sense and who loves our great country) grieve, it makes me sick at heart. I feel so especially for police, how they must feel. It is right to grieve for and honor these two police and all police who are unjustly vilified. The subversive forces in our society keep going to more and more extremes. To sustain their delusion they have to go deeper and deeper into denial. They seem to be going to the point they have lost a conscience. You can’t appeal to decency in people who have lost their conscience they just want to escalate chaos.

Police are the last resort against people who have no conscience. Evil wants to erase the line of decency and destabilize society. They want to defund and get rid of the police. They want us to lose hope and feel disturbed, that’s how evil operates.

People who have no conscience are far worse than animals because they have evil and cruel purpose. They want to cause pain and despair. Evil humans want to smother and destroy the soul of another. People who do this can always cause us to grieve, to feel pain and hurt. We feel grief because we love what is right and have a conscience, but they want us to feel despair and give up. That we cannot and will not do.

Let us affirm the truth. 99 percent of all police are good. They are the first responders that keep law and order and uphold consequences to breaking the laws. They are essential to any stable society. In doing their service they put their lives on the line for the rest of us and deserve our honor.

BLM is trying to turn this all upside down by falsely demonizing the police, defunding them and getting rid of them – a huge step in destroying our society and nation. They will fail. As doctor strange says in Infinity War, “You will find our will is equal to yours”. We must do our part in supporting the police and decency in society.

Let us pray: Dear Lord Jesus we pray that you will subdue the forces of evil in our society that are boiling over. We pray that you win over those who can be restored to love and decency, and bring them home. We pray the two officers will heal and come back to live good lives, and we pray that all police are under your protection in body and soul. In our grief, we pray Father you will bring us through to hope and deepen our faith. We pray that good will win in America and we will be a light to the world more than ever before. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

Latest comments
  • Society as we know it can’t exist without police. They call it the wild west for a reason. People without a conscience are wild animals, tigers, panthers, leopards live among us. As much as these nearsighted defunders are- people can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The idea of defunding and reimagining the police is ludicrous, insane, and doomed to the ash heap of stupidity. Only criminals hate the cops. The cops put them in jail where all lawbreakers belong. I have an idea- get an honest job and be useful to yourself, country, and the world body. Do unto others as you want them to do for you. All the experiences I have had with the police the police were professional, respectful, and decent human beings. George Floyd was jacked up on fentynyl. Fentynyl killed the man although it appears the cop did it. We need to increase the police, give them more of what they need. Respect, dignity, and the best equiptment. These defunders are blind to all the good police do for our society. Their hatred blinds their minds. They are sons of the sorceress. Lets will and do what is good and true for the boys in blue. The eyes of the wise keep their sights on the prize. The perpetual protection of the good people from the sociopaths. Love without wisdom is blind, enabling for evil, and dark. The Pharisees thought they were doing the world a favor when they had Christ crucified, cop haters are the same. Blind guides. God makes good come from them in spite of themselves. Idea when the police tell you to do something obey them.