Two, Small but Telling, Real Life Examples of Life in Heaven.

When we walk into a new house or room, consciously or unconsciously, one can tell  a lot about the person who owns it; we can usually tell if that room is a man’s or women’s. We observe this by the types of objects and their arrangements, by the colors and quality of presentation. We can also see a lot about the persons character and interests by the type of books there; we can tell by the decor, furniture, and useful objects indicating hobbies, moral or religious values. In heaven the indicators in a person’s dwelling are a hundred times more telling because everything there has direct correspondence to the state of a person’s mind and soul. In the spiritual world it is not even possible for anything to be in a persons home that does not have use toward, and correspond to the person’s ruling love and affections. In the spiritual world things in the environment come and go based on how they correspond to the persons desire and state of being at different times. Every color, every piece of furniture, or shape has correspondence to the person’s or couple’s soul. I give this example as an everyday glimpse into an angelic life.

Here is another example: when angels or good spirits enter a room for, say a concert, a church service, or social gathering, they know inwardly where they are to be seated, and cannot help but do so. To our natural mind this sounds like obligation or external pressure, but that is not the reason. In heaven this has to do with one’s internal use and purpose to the whole, and to know ones seat is felt as a supreme belonging in the whole. It is a consequence of ones quality of love and use to the community. This phenomenon is a manifestation of one of the great ruling principles of heaven, that is: ‘the more who enter heaven, the more complete it becomes’. Heaven is an immense diversity in harmony; the greater the number that enter, the more perfected is the harmony, and thus the heavenly joy. The angels are in true freedom, for true freedom is to do that which is good. This is obscure here, but it is very clear in the spiritual world. The more one is in harmony with the whole, the more one is in a profound self empowerment and spiritual intelligence. The more one is led by the Lord, the more you become your own. It is infernal freedom to do that which is self willed and evil. So the angels knowing where to sit is an act of fulfillment and harmony that brings great joy and peace. In contemplating this the earthly mind tends to see the situation I described as automated, but in reality heaven is utterly organic, fluid, creative, fresh, surprising, an expression of internal skill and ever increasing joy.

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