November 4th, 2021

From Revelation we learn that reasonings from the Dragon are reasonings from Falsities, and these only have power over falsities – not over us who love God if we will claim it.

From descriptions in Revelation chapter 13, it says the beast appeared like a leopard, and his feet were “as of a bear,” and “the feet of a bear”, which signify fallacies. It many place it sounds like great power is given to the dragon and to the beast, particularly when we hear words such as, “his power, his throne, and great authority,” that are attributed to the dragon. But this power is all derivative, from deceptive machinations, from doctrines that are false. It is not because the falsities have any power in themselves.

What they do is separate faith from life, they separate faith from good works, they separate compassion from wisdom – and this takes all the heart and meaning out of faith, life, and works; and replaces it with hallow lies that must be constantly fed to cover the pain of avoiding truth. They seek “power, a throne, and great authority” by taking the top positions and endlessly painting lies as the truth.

But in truth falsities from evil have no power whatsoever, since all power is in truths from good that comes from God. But falsities have power over falsities! – just as like reinforces like. They paint monotone on the mind so one accepts the lie and cannot see differences. They appeal to the evil inclinations already in us and make these good, and they stir up trouble, crisis and conflict and blame us for it, they attack and blame the evils in us as a way to pacify and control us.

It is significant to see that hell has no source of its own. All of hells power is derivative; it is an inversion of the love and wisdom that comes from the Lord alone. In their own soul they turn His love to hate. In hell this is clear to see because infernal spirits have power with and over one another, which they exercise by things imaginary and by abuses of half-truths. They are all desirous of seeming most powerful and mighty, and so ‘do it to each other’. But yet they have no power whatsoever against heaven, goo and truths – so wholly that it is nothing at all. The power of truth from heaven can be seen from the fact that the hells, in which there are myriads of myriads, are held bound by Divine truth proceeding from the Lord, that no one in them dares raise up a finger of his hand against a servant of the Lord. A single angel by means of truths from the Lord is able to lead, to control, to bind, or to scatter a thousand companies of evil spirits – and this merely by a look from an intention of the will!.

Many falsities from the machinations of hell reign in our churches, corporations, and governments. One would think that these institutions would seek truths given by the Lord by means of the Word; and ,of course there are many that still do. But the reason so many seek power by lies is that falsities have power against those who are in falsities from evil. So we are in the midst of an intense spiritual battle. In the midst of battle evil usually hides itself in shadows behind appearances. But when evil prevails the devil is called good and powerful, and loosed from bonds. This is why in the Bible infernal falsity is called by the Word a “lion,” a “bear,” a “wolf,” a “beast,” also a “wild beast” strong and fierce. They only appear powerful by deception and to each other, but in truth falsities of evil have no power.

All of this is said to affirm the strength that we who love the Lord (in heart and humility) have. We have evil inclinations in us, and these the evil will try to agitate, stimulate, and blame us for. So we have to practice discerning the game, to see the vulnerable issues and points in us; to be patient with ourselves. And as we gain strength and see them it is vitally important to stand up to them in our society so the lie is not perpetuated in us and those around us. Great growth takes place when we do this from care and with intelligence.
The narrative of evil is defeated by the cumulative effect of good people perceiving and addressing the lies, and causing change.


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