The Values of Mellinnials and How They are Disconnected in Manifesting Them, Essay for Now

September 29th, 2016

I hang out with a lot of mellinnials at a Kava bar in Berkeley and many express the desire for an independent, entrepreneurial life, and they go about trying to do this in their own unique way. They often say that America needs to create an ‘infrastructure’ more oriented toward the arts, the environment, and community things, but also admit they don’t really know how to do that. Many want a country that lives and operates in a way more in harmony with the land and spiritual awareness. Some say America needs more of the feminine principle in the way people treat each other and how community runs. The feel we need to incorporate the wisdom of the feminine. I am not sure about the later, but in general the things they desire as a goal I think are good, but they have the wrong or no idea about how to go about it. Bernie is their hero because of these values and they hoped he would be the one able to change America toward establishing the ‘infrastructure’ to accomplish this vision. But Bernie had a lot of ideas about programs, but no effective way to fund them.
One man who is a bit of a spiritual leader described how his vision of society comes from the Native Americans: telling how Indians lived in beautiful community and did not exploit each other or the land. He told the story of how Ben Franklin got the idea of democracy from a Native American Tribe. He said this tribe observed all the principles of democracy, except that the tribe made final decisions based on the wisdom of female elders, thus incorporating the wisdom of the feminine. He said that Ben failed to include this later measure in American Democracy, and this is a big reason our current democracy doesn’t work. He went on to talk about Bernie’s publicized idea for funding the new infrastructure by ‘harvesting’ the funding from Wall Street. They hope that Bernie’s socialistic/democracy is the way to go about it, but they don’t really have ideas about how to do it. This idea of harvesting money from Wall Street is of completely impractical. It is using other people’s money and it has to come from somewhere. Not only that capitalism must thrive for Wall Street to make money.
I understand the desire of what they want to manifest: as society with greater peace, kindness, and community of close relationships, less hardships. What they desire is good in so many ways, but there is a big by-pass in the thinking of how to go about it. The by pass comes from a lack of appreciation of the history of democracy in America, and the genius of American democracy and capitalism. They have lost this understanding. The irony is that best way to go about manifesting their vision is with democracy and capitalism. The freedom, independent, collaborative society they desire can best be achieved on the free market. They think that democracy and capitalism is the enemy, but it is in fact their best ally. There are mellinnials who are putting their vision to practice through democracy. I talked with a very smart young man who was a master student in law school at Berkeley. He said they are creating contracts for all kinds of business deals in architecture, dispute resolution, cooperatives, for land and real estate deals, and many more such things that have a high degree of cooperation, engage mutual interests, and that in general give a deep sense of satisfaction to both parties. This is an example of democracy at its best. Democracy by nature brings out the best in the spiritual intelligence of the individuals and society.
For most mellinnials there is a deep disconnect from in understanding the origins and vision of what America is about. They have a pessimistic suspicion of everything about America. Their impractical ethos is fed by the behavior of corrupt establishment politicians who have taken power for a while now; Obama and Hillary have greatly extended this bad feeling. Obama disappointed millennials and all who voted for him with his pro-Muslim, anti America agenda. So there suspicions are well founded but it is a terrible mistake to throw away the baby with the bath water. The integrity of democracy and capitalism can be restored, and they can best manifest their dreams by winning on the free market. Passion for life originates from being in freedom. See my articles on America, democracy, freedom, and the constitution for the rest of the story, and to see how this is so.

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