“What is the sign of a mature Christian?”

“What is the sign of a mature Christian?”
A mature christian is one who knows that all spirituality is based on the principle of union, and, that man or woman can see God’s use for all religions, but they know the center of all is the relationship with Jesus.
A mature christian has a strong center, and a strong sense of composure, and enthusiasm, and experience in helping others.
A mature Christian knows how to give, time and again, and can do so without giving them self away. This is a spiritual skill. This means they know genuine compassion, that compassion is only really compassion if it is in union with wisdom, that it is discerning of the quality of what and who it is giving to – for it is not compassion to enable evil.
A mature Christian knows in their soul that all good comes from God; there is no doubt in them on this for they know God is the source and they are a receptacle, as the bible says, “He is the potter and we are the vessel”. This keeps a christian safe for we take no credit for what is not ours and we receive delight in being used by God. By this the christian is infilled from within from the Lord. The mature christian knows of themself they have evil from head to toe, and they need God to regenerate them from this, – now and always, – and learn how to help others do so.
A mature Christian knows in their soul that God can only be approached in humility, and that it is this very humility that is at the core of receiving deep perception of the Word; and also, by this the Word protects itself – for all those who do not approach in humility cannot possibly receive internal perception! Knowing this is a source of peace, for they know they want all to receive but that it is up to God who receives, and they do not have to fret so much about how they are received.
The greatest thing a christian can do is stand up to and defeat evil from love for God – for this takes great skill, composure, wisdom and strength. He or she fights internally to be right with God, and this gives the a sovereignty that helps to change the world, however big or small. They do this for their church, community, and country. They desire in their heart and soul for all of these to be right with God. For this purpose they take action to make it so with the gifts God has given them. By taking action they are infilled from the Lord and encourage others in the faith and devotion.

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