Woke-ness is a total power play, it is a disease on society. They have no good intent, but seek power, power to rule over your mind and all of societies values. They are invested in defining global warming as destroying the earth, in race relations as never ending hate problem, transgenderism as oppression; because, by perpetuating hate and failure, they have an inviolable justification to rule over you. They seek endless crisis in such issues as covid and race problems in order to condition and control the people, and to normalize the evils of socialism and communism. They do this by domination of the media, academia, advertising, cooperations and of course politics. Every commercial, every ad, every narrative has an angle.

The birth of woke-ness as a philosophy and strategy in modern society began with liberation theology. It is a perversion of genuine religious values. It started with a good purpose when Catholic nuns in south America were helping the poor and oppressed. To support their cause they claimed that ‘God favors the poor’. They used this as leverage to sway the minds of everyone to their side. They said that this was real compassion, that the marginalized everywhere needed to become empowered. Liberation began to be taught in the colleges and seminaries, and the black movement took it up and the gay movement uses it ad-naseum.

But this is all based on a half-truths, and leveraged for nothing but a power play now. God does not favor the poor. God favors no one, and God favors all. God is not a respecter of persons, but sees all genuine truth and love, and from this God is justice itself. Liberation theology and the woke seek blanket compassion for their cause. Their every persuasion is to separate compassion from reason so they can ply their own end game. They want to take away reason and base everything on emotion so they can rule your mind.

Liberation theology is the origin of woke-ness in modern times, but woke-ness and false compassion are an ancient pattern and tactic of evil through history. God is always seeking to bring union between compassion and reason in the soul of the people. He seeks wholeness between love and wisdom for this brings wholeness and salvation to Man. Evil always seeks to separate compassion from reason for then it can dceive and rule the people. When the heart is ruled by emotion they can get the mind to justify anything. All this is a perversion of religion because compassion is the ethic of a Christian society, and the evil of the left has twisted it to its use. They hate God, and only use the ethic of christianity to destroy Christianity, just as they use the principles of democracy in order to destroy democracy and everything good in America. They weaponize democracy and weaponize religion, thats the insidious nature of evil.

The lusts of evil have no bounds. Once it crosses the line in one’s heart it lusts for more power, more destruction; they love to see good values lose and Christians suffer. This is why the left constantly goes to greater and greater extremes. They must get the next fix in order to not see what they have become.

Now for those who love God and country we need to face the depth of what we are up against. We need to fight it at every intersection in life we can. Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t but we must never become like them.

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