What was your greatest day in high school?

August 26th, 2015


I had a few good moments in high school in sports, and quit a few hard ones, but my best moment is clear cut.

I was a good student but not close to being straight A. I was very un-confident in much of high school. When I was a junior my brothers friends who were seniors told me horror stories about Bissell’s American Government and History class. She had actually given one our friends a fail which prevented him from graduating. She had the reputation of being a major bitch according to all my brothers friends. Also several straight A brainiacs were in the class and she graded on a curve. I had the fear of God in me about this class. She gave lots of essays to write and also pop-quizes and major tests. On the first essay I went for a bold opinion and defended it well, and found she liked that. I got an A plus. Out of 10 essays I ended getting 8 A pluses and two A minuses. I did great on all the tests. I gained a huge reputation among the brainiacs. She set up a game for the whole class to play that counted some points toward our final grade. I was captain of one group, and I remember it being very tense but my group ended up winning.

On the last day of class there was a big test that was a major factor for our final grade. I walked into class prepared like crazy. In front of the whole class Ms Bissel said, “What are you doing here?” I said, “I am going to take the last test, is something wrong?” She smiled and said, “You have an A plus without even taking this test, you can go.” Moment of glory. I wanted to take the test anyway but she insisted I go.

So I walked around the campus hardly knowing what to do, but feeling like Faris Beuller.

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