As Much as I Am a Fan of Science Fiction, this Article is About Why I Believe Time Travel Is Not Possible

The idea of time travel is so well known in society from science fiction and from the hopes of science, it is almost assumed that it is something that will eventually happen. I have been a fan of science fiction for a long time, so its very familiar. But when I really look at the natural and spiritual reality of it I don’t believe it is possible – for some very good reasons.

I want to examine the question in both a spiritual and a natural way (but mostly in a spiritual way). The spiritual principles that cast light on it are, I believe, solid ground in forming one’s idea about it. It is inherent in God’s nature that He knows the future. He is infinite and omnipresent, which includes being present to all the past, present and future. For man it is different. Man is finite, and for man to be man, that is, to have life and consciousness, he must be free. The whole of man’s life and the purpose of the universe hinges on man being free. (See blog read article called: “Why is must be that there is an equilibrium between god and evil”.) And man’s freedom only exists in the moment. We know from experience Humans are not allowed to know the future. If we did it would compromise freedom and we would not be free. For this reason it is a universal law of divine order that no man or angel is allowed to know the future.

It is only in the moment that humans have self agency and access to the spiritual. Being present in the moment is a spiritual matter; it is a practice of bringing union to our body, mind and soul; and, at the same time, connects our consciousness to the divine. The past is of the mind’s memory, and the future is of the mind’s imagination.  The past is not a substantial reality for it is done and set; and the future is not a substantial reality for it is yet to happen. Neither is substantial because they do not contain wholeness as I described that the moment does. They are one dimensional in that they are mental and do not have the capacity to change. Only in the moment is there the wholeness of union that makes life substantial. The moment is the point of union between the past and future; and it has the dimensions  of life – influx from God, self-agency, and freedom.

Now the fact that the moment is the point of union between the past and future is a function of, and is part of the universal principle of union that applies to all life.   That this principle of the moment is bound to the universal principle of union brings great weight to the above reasoning. All life and spirituality is based on the principle of union – for the nature of God is union – (as all the great teachings and religions confirm, and I have shown in many other blogs).

Now we have to address the fact that time bends, and slows based on gravity and mass. One can enter the moment and potentially reach a height of wisdom, and discern meanings of life, and perhaps have insight to the future to a high degree, but this awareness never leaves the moment, but is a greater state achieved by  entering the moment with greater presence. (This is why great Science fiction movies like Interstellar, Arrival, The Matrix, and others go to the transcendent and Biblical theme of Love when they seek to make meaning). Even in common language we say, “time flies”, and ‘sight opens up to us’ when we are in the ‘the zone’. On the other hand, when life is stagnant and we are bored we say that time slows and is a drag. This perception is based on a spiritual state. In heaven this truth is many times more pronounced; it corresponds to the overriding nature of heaven that the ‘further in’ one travels the more ‘space’ there is – all of which is a function of entering the moment more profoundly. The more internal one moves inward to love and wisdom the more wondrously things expand. This is because the union of our internal and external self is the exercising of skills that are the cause of all fulfillment, joy and peace – both on earth and in heaven. This experience of going further within the moment (or not) is what causes variations in experience, and what it is that causes time to appear to slow or speed up. This point is further corroborated by the correspondences of ‘periods of time’ in the Bible. Periods of time such as, ‘hours’, ‘days’, and ‘years’ in general all correspond to ‘states of being’.

Knowing the future in the Bible is known as prophecy. It was given to the prophets to express the future and this was written and providentially recorded in the Bible. Everything the prophets said and did was given to them from the divine to do, that is what makes it prophecy. Swedenborg tells from the wisdom of heaven the things the prophets wrote were given to them by the Lord in a revelatory way, or sometimes it was even dictated to them.

That which comes from the will of God is divine truth and is eternal by nature, but man is a receptacle of life. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and man, because God is infinite and man is finite. God is life, has intrinsic life, and is the source of life; man and angels do not have intrinsic life so the whole nature of our spirituality is to develop skills that help us be in the moment and bring union between our body and soul. Because humans are finite receptacles we can only receive life in the moment, and have no access to the future. From this it is clear that the human prophets didn’t know the future themselves and they did not time travel in order to know the future they merely wrote what they were given to do so.

In the scientific sense the explanation for time travel usually is said to take place through a wormhole, which is a folding of space and a crossing from one point in the fold to a point across from it on the other fold. How to do this is not really known, but scientist do know it would take incredible and unknown amounts of energy to achieve. I would suggest there is a comparison between the energy it takes to make a wormhole and the infinite inertia that prevents matter from reaching the speed of light; we could also compare it to the way science says that a singularity cannot exist. A singularity is postulated to occur in a back whole; it means that infinite mass occupies an infinitely small point, which is impossible. A singularity and matter reaching the speed of light are prevented from happening by an infinite inertia that makes it impossible. I think it is similar with the opening of a wormhole. There is probably an infinite inertia that prevents it.

They only way I can see that there would be something like time travel is by approaching a black hole and exploiting the warping of time/space that takes place there (as shown in the movie ‘Interstellar’), and then returning. Of course this would mean one could only travel to the future, and that is so only if one comes back to where they were, because in their own experience they see no difference, unless they come back. But even this is so divorced from spiritual life and such a monumental effort far beyond our technology, not to mention the impossibility of traveling to a black hole, it means almost nothing. This idea does beg the question, what if man could produce a place of  ‘man-made gravity’ on a par with a black whole and travel to the future, but this also is divorced from the principles of the spirituality of life. These are purely external manipulations.

For these reasons I don’t think time travel is part of man’s destiny. There is no correspondence for the finite nature of man to time travel. Simply put, time and life exist in the moment, and cannot be manifested outside of it.

The only process that corresponds to breaking and surpassing infinite inertia is the glorification process, wherein the Lord took his human body into heaven; but this was a work purely divine and of ultimate purpose!

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