The Art and Effect of Standing Up to Bullies From Love: Why I Think Trump Is Doing the Right Thing By Pulling Out of Turkey

     I think Trump is taking the Right action in pulling our troops out of the war in Turkey. Sanctions have worked very effectively against other countries like Korea, China and in the middle east. And right now the USA has the greatest economy in the world and a lot of leverage to bring the pain to Turkey. Trumps strategy of sanctions and equalizing tariffs transformed our relationship with China, and the Arab countries. We have policed ancients wars and it is very hard to control people’s ancient rage and habits by force. We get in the middle and it is often a mess, because the fundamental cause usually doesn’t get changed. Do dems remember the mess of Vietnam?
      Trump’s priority in foreign policy has been very clear. He said we go in to eradicate hardcore evil and terrorism. We don’t go in to change ideologies and create democracies. The later policy of the past has been an incredible drain on our economy, spending trillions of dollars, and on the lives of Americans, and the results have not been very good. He wants to have an overwhelmingly strong military so that when we go in it is extremely decisive and an incredible deterrent.

     The USA has a conscience in the way we do things and treat others. Our nation is based on the constitution, and the constitution is spiritual intelligence from the Word. This is what has made us a light to the world. Our national emblem shows an eagle holding in one talon arrows, and in the other an Olive branch, which represents that peace is the goal and motivation, and strength is the means. This is the root of what we need to tether our thinking to. I think Trump is following Godly principle in his actions and give thanks for that.

     What is most amazing about Trump’s foreign policy is that it organically causes the people to want freedom and thus democracy and capitalism. When the oppression and evil is taken away from the people an innate desire from God arises in the people. The people to want develop their skills and work out their identity and destiny in freedom. When their terrorists are removed, the desire for freedom in people arises. You see this happening in China right now in a huge way. It is not the expressed purpose of his foreign policy but it is the effect. The same effect has caused major change in Saudi Arabia and in Korea.
       Sanctions have a similar effect in that they put a crunch on the people, the markets, the leader, and the government. This crunch causes a loss of freedom and stimulates reflection on what they would like their life and country to look like. The people are in a position that they must take a stand and fight for change. Basically, Trump’s policy is to stand up to bullies; and with the removal, or the partial dis-empowering of bullies, the fighting spirit in the people is awakened from pain or inspiration to fight for the kind of life they want.
      The incredible love and support repeatedly shown for Trump’s leadership and success is also the result of him standing up to bullies and corrupt leaders. The enthusiasm and huge crowds at Trump rallies is unprecedented in history. The true American identity and use as a light to the world is being profoundly affirmed. Only God can do this.

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