Why Is it Significant To Explore Deep Issues Concerning the Lord? How Does the Way We Conceive of God and Love Him Effect Our Place in Heaven?

Why is it significant to explore deep issues concerning the Lord?

The deeper the conception and love we have for the Lord while here on earth the more wonders and truths will be open to us in heaven. Here is an extraordinary condition Swedenborg relates about his journeys in heaven that gives us insight to this process. Swedenborg tells that in his journeys to heaven he could only visit realms that he had some knowledge of rooted in his memory. He says that if he did not have knowledge in his memory of a place or the thought of a thing he could not go to that realm in heaven. This shows how profoundly connected the mind is to heaven! I believe this is a consequence of the universal principle that the natural world is the foundation of the spiritual world, and for anything to exist it has to have a root in each. The human form is a little heaven in potential, and since the whole of heaven is in the human form, all things are connected by correspondence between the micro and the macro; – including access to ‘places’ – which in the spiritual world means ‘state of being’.
To the degree we understand and love the particulars of how Jesus redeemed all of humanity, (and redeemed ourself), seeds are planted in our mind and soul. In the spiritual world these seeds of perception are set – their constellation can no longer change – but, to whatever extent it reached from there it will grow. The more intimate the love we developed of the Lord the more expansive are the roots, stem, and shoots that grow from the constellation. In the light of heaven, it gradually blooms into a great tree with leaves, fruits, and flowers – far beyond what we could ever imagine. We leave our former life behind, and, in wholeness, move forward into ever-increasing joy. These seeds are avenues that lead down expansive paths of joyous wonder ever deeper and deeper. Great mysteries are opened that lead to greater and greater mysteries! The single greatest factor that forms our soul and determines where we go is the belief we have of God and the love we have for Him. It is essential we understand He is the divine human, not a spirit or a cloud or supreme being or something like that. The later has very little correspondence with heaven and the universe – for remember heaven and the universe themselves are in the human form – known in the macro as the Grand Man! So we are, in truth, in His body. Thus, our conception of the Divine human moves us into particular places (states of being) in heaven! God, the Lord is a genius. The Bible gives us intimate knowledge of His astounding acts of love and wisdom, and His teaching. In the internal sense from beginning to end the Bible relates how the Lord made His human divine – the greatest part of the greatest story ever told. As long as we make it to heaven we will be in great joy and where we belong, but there are many degrees to heaven and to joy. There is an article (one of many) in this blog I wrote detailing the Glorification process called: “Source Superhero – The Extraordinary Brilliance of the Glorification Process of Jesus: Mystery of Mysteries”, that you will love.

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