In this blog, by Pastor Steve Sanchez, you will find deep resources on spiritual and Biblical subjects. The blog contains pastoral articles on healing and spiritual growth that help in guiding one with the core of real issues and spiritual skills. It works with the integration of religion and psychology, science and spirituality, and provides deep and procatical messages from the Word. It also has movie interpretations, particularly about spiritual and Biblical themes in movies.

Pastor Steve comes from the perspective that God can only be approached in humility, and that love for the Word and for people elevates perception. Pastor Steve has gone through great personal growth in life, and has been opened deeply to the Lord. The posts work with the internal sense of the Word which is the source of great spiritual treasure.

By using the search tab you can search any subject or article that you are interested in. There are over 330 articles. Two to four (or more) new articles are added every month. The cost for full access to the blog is 25$ a year (with option to renew), or $5 a month (with Option to renew). May the blessing of God be with you

How the Lord is the living Word

The Lord is the living Word made Flesh. This is a phrase Christians often say, but how is it to be understand. Swedenborg describes this process in a way I have never seen

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Lets Hang Out

I have found working with groups as a chaplain very valuable. It helps patients to grow and transform in a way that doesn’t happen sometimes in one on one session.

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All of the songs are original, written by Pastor Steve Sanchez. The songs have great variety in style and in meaning. In general they are deeply touching and moving. They are songs for healing; they have deep meaning, humor, unique rhythms, and unusual, moving melodies. They contain themes that touch very intimate places in the soul and life. Some especially are about the intimate relationship with the Lord. Some are devotional, some are healing spiritual journeys, or engaging spiritual phantasies.
There are over 30 songs, and one or two songs are added every month. The cost for full access to the blog is 25$ a year (with option to renew), or $5 a month (with Option to renew). May the blessing of God be with you.



Steve Sanchez

Spiritual Perversion is an account of my 15-year experience in a psychic/religious cult in Berkeley. It is painfully honest and takes the reader deep inside the dynamics of a cult. For some it may be challenging to read. It goes to some dark places revealing how the cult took advantage of me and my fellow members who were seeking and vulnerable. It reveals how Reverend Bill, the leader of the cult, worked his mind control on us in all its convoluted and many-faceted forms. It reveals the depths of psychological abuse we suffered and learned to impose on each other.

In spite of the dark subject, I don’t believe the telling of the story ever loses its humanity. I managed to keep a spark of my soul alive throughout the experience, and this is reflected in the wide range of emotions and experience expressed. For me writing this book was a prolonged act of self-compassion, a fulfillment of a need to understand and to heal. I hope that it also has some universal and creative merit. Many people have expressed to me how Spiritual Perversion reminds them of similar experiences they have suffered. One woman told me how my story reminded her of a disciplinarian dance teacher she studied with who gained her confidence and then betrayed her. Several people told me how it reminded them of an abusive relationship they couldn’t get out of for a long time. Others spoke of how it reminded them of how their parents became so obsessed with hiding family secrets that they were terribly abused and traumatized as a result. Still others spoke of how the religious zeal of their teachers or parents became so self-righteous that they found themselves trapped in an abusive world.



Revitalizing our Relationship

e-thinking Redemption is a marriage of that which is earthly and spiritual, of history and the eternal. It gives a picture of the dire need for redemption before Jesus was born, and tells the inside story of the process that had to take place for Jesus to redeem humanity. The book is rooted in scripture from beginning to end.

The underlying principle of the book is that Holy scripture has a literal and an internal sense; thus, the use of the phrase ‘inside story’ to describe this book comes from its exploration of the internal perspective.

By reading this book both lovers of the truth and lovers of the Bible can gain deep insights into life, history, and Bible intrepretation. The book is not dogmatic but appeals to the reason and spiritual perception of the reader – offering understanding of the metaphysical cause of the major themes in the New Testament, including the birth and glorification of Jesus, the captives, the resurrection, and the second coming to name a few.

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